In lesson we watched a documentary where Stacey Dooley goes to
the country of Cambodia to see the impact of sex trafficking. Some of her
findings was that the negative impact was that over 1,000 children under the
age of 18 are sexually exploited. The reason for this has been because of the
lack of education because they are unable to afford to go to school. This shows
how far they will be willing to go just to get money in order to survive. Over
$5,000 a day are spent just in Cambodia alone in the sex industry. A shocking fact we was told from the documentary is that young children aged 12 and 13
start to work in the industry. Some families who are in really struggle for
money even sell their daughters for money which I find very shocking because
this treats them like they are just an object which takes their human rights
away from them. Also if they refused to have sex then some of them would even
be beaten. The girls in the industry earn very little money which they receive
35% which is less than minimum wage. This problem has been caused due to the
country being a less economically developed country and people will go to extreme measures just for money in order to survive.


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    Thomas Hill - student of A Level Travel and Tourism who is currently studying Torusim Development.